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Adding an Extension is the most popular choice for most home owners, who need more space but do not have the roof space for a loft conversion, and do not wish to sell their house.





It will make your home more spacious, more easily sellable and possibly even more beautiful. An extension is one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your property, so long as you do it properly, accurately - and legally.

The most common mistake made by people wishing to add an extension to their home, is starting the work without the proper planning permission from the local council.

Thinking that the extension qualifies for permitted development rights when it doesn't; and building something which aesthetically doesn't work with the overall look and feeling of the rest of the building.

We at SUNSHINE are here to help you to get the extension you need from start to finish. We have all the necessary skills and experience required to handle your project. From your first call we will co-ordinate the whole project and provide all the services you need. From concept to design to planning permission and installation, we provide a complete service.

With SUNSHINE you can be confident that your extension will be installed by a qualified and highly skilled team of trades people, who will carry out the work quickly and efficiently with the minimum disturbance and inconvenience to you and your family.