Our secondary glazing is expertly designed to provide:

* An effective barrier against unwanted sounds, so that you and your family can relax in peace and quiet.

* An ideal solution against draughty, poorly insulated period windows and doors, making your rooms more cosy during the winter months and saving on your heating bills.

* Adding additional security to weak or vulnerable single glazed windows, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable in your home.

Vertical Slider

The vertical slider is particularly suitable for the refurbishment and upgrade of older/listed buildings where design needs to be sympathetic to the character of the property. It is the most complex type of secondary glazing system and is designed to mirror a Victorian box sash window. It is particularly suited to the refurbishment and upgrade of the nation's architectural heritage. This system works by using pre-tensioned spiral spring balances, these control the motion of the sashes, meaning you can easily open them to whatever position you require without them shooting upwards or sliding down. Also, each sash can be pivoted through 180 degrees, making cleaning and access to the main window very easy.

Horizontal Slider

An easy to use system, comprising 2, 3, 4 & 5 sliding panels all moving independently. The panels slide on a brass roller system that requires the minimum of effort to open and close. Twin brush seals provide excellent high sealing efficiency, increasing both thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as improving the the security of the primary windows. The security issue is further enhanced with the use of the latest locks and handles.

Hinged Casement

These inward opening hinged units are available in both single and double format. This system is designed to provide a higher security solution. We use multi point locking to ensure that the maximum security is gained from the secondary glazing. These units can be used with existing double glazed windows for an extra level of insulation.


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